Frequently Asked Questions

The eNBP requires more time than other programs because it teaches and provides feedback on skills that you practice with your children in between doing the units.

The 6 week eNBP is done in 30-40 minutes a week for 6 weeks for a total of about 3-4 hours. This is longer than some programs because it teaches you several skills to improve your relationship with your children and reduce conflict with your ex-partner.

The 6-unit program was designed for parents who are required by the court to complete a program. The 6- and 10-week programs teach the same skills but the 10-week program gives you more time to use them with your children and provides many more opportunities to practice the skills and get feedback on them. However, certificates of completion are issued only in the 6 week program.

There is no difference in the material covered or the skills taught between the 6-and 10-week versions.  The difference between the courses is that the 10-week version is presented at a more relaxed pace, which allows more time to practice the skills with your children.  Also, in the 10-week course you will hear from more parents about how the skills worked for them and get more feedback about your understanding and use of the skills.

We understand that separation/divorce is a very difficult time for many parents and that schedules and time demands vary widely.  Some parents who are very busy select the 10-week course for more flexibility in practicing the tools.  Others may want to have more time to practice the tools.  Some parents might want to learn the tools as quickly as possible and so select the 6-week version.  With the eNBP, you have a choice and we simply recommend you choose the version that best fits you and your family.

If you are taking the course to complete a court requirement you must do the 6-week program to get a certificate for the court.

Yes, in many courts. But every court has their own requirements. So, you need to check with your court administrator or check on the list of approved programs your court posts. If you are court ordered to participate in program, you need to take the 6-week rather than the 10-week program.

You can contact us using the CONTACT US form and let us know you need a copy of your certificate.

Absolutely! The eNBP can help all families going through divorce or separation. The 6-week program is required for those who are court ordered. You can only receive your certificate for the court from doing the 6-week program. If you have time to do the 10-unit program we would recommend it. The 10-unit program gives you more time to use the skills with your children and provides many more opportunities to practice the skills and get feedback on them.

Currently, the eNBP is offered only in English. We have plans to translate into other languages.
The program works if only one parent uses it. However, we encourage both your and your child’s other parent to participate.
Good question. You can refer them to this website so they can learn about what other parents have said about the program. But, every parent makes their own choice. The program will work for your family even if only one parent participates.

Family Transitions-PTW will reduce or waive fees for families experiencing financial hardship. Please complete this form in order to apply for a waiver, email us the required documentation and we will consider your request for a waiver of fees for the eNew Beginnings Program. If your application is approved, we will send you access to the program within 48 hours.

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